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How to Plan the Perfect Stag Party

In 2018, there were over 21,000 marriages in the Republic of Ireland. With so many people getting married every year, chances are, you know someone who’s getting married soon!

As a result, you may be gearing up to help plan the groom’s stag party. In fact, you may be the sole person responsible for this activity, and you’re panicking.

Wondering how to plan the perfect stag do? Then keep reading. We’ll give you all the top tips and suggestions to make it an unforgettable experience.

Put Together a Dream Team

Even if you’ve been put in charge of organising the stag do, this doesn’t mean you have to plan it all alone. In fact, putting together a dream team to help you pull this together can help you strengthen your friendships with one another!

Consider all the groomsmen and think of all their strengths.

Is Jack very creative? Then put him in charge of coming up with things like the theme and decorations.

Is Liam super organised and detail-oriented? Then put him in charge of project management.

When you play to each group member’s strengths, this can help you immensely in getting the stag do planned and organised.

Have Realistic Expectations

It may be tempting to try and cram every single fantastic idea into a short weekend. There are 48 hours, after all!

But be realistic. Chances are, you’re all in your 30s and are used to going to bed early and waking up early as well. And you’re probably not used to days filled with draining (but fun!) activities.

Assess everyone’s physical conditions and try to accommodate anyone with special needs. For example, if Mark is wheelchair-bound, then it’s not very nice to book an afternoon going base jumping.

Keep the Groom’s Tastes in Mind

Sure, you (and your mates) might think a wild night out drinking shot after shot and partying with strippers is mint. But is this the groom’s idea of a great night out?

While you’re having exciting discussions about the stag party, ideas might start flying about, and by the end of the night, you may accidentally settle on an activity or two that are not to the groom’s tastes at all.

It may be difficult, but try to have a clear and objective mind while you’re putting pen to paper.

Always Check With the Groom

Now, we’re not saying you should spoil the surprise by letting the groom know exactly what you’ve got planned for him. But you should give him some control over how his stag party’s going to go.

Checking in with the groom can be a great idea if you aren’t able to decide between a few activities. There are only so many hours in a day, after all.

Approach him with some broad ideas, and see which ones he likes. Try not to give it away that you’re trying to do all of them, or that you’re trying to choose between these options.

However he responds, it can be very helpful. If he likes all the ideas, then feel free to go ahead with them all if you have the time to accommodate it.

If he’s particularly interested in one, then you can axe the other activities if you’re working with a limited schedule.

Put Together a Guest List Early

You want the groom to have a great time at his stag do, so don’t let that get ruined by accidentally inviting someone he’s mortal enemies with.

Or worse yet, don’t end up forgetting to invite his best childhood friend who he hasn’t seen in forever.

Create the best setting by carefully going over his list of friends and seeing which are worth inviting to the stag party. Remember, you don’t want to make the party too big, as it’ll be too large to handle.

Note any potential rivalries and then discuss whether it’s worth inviting those people. As adults, they should be able to put aside any petty squabbles to focus on celebrating their friend’s love.

But if you know how they’re like after a few drinks, it may be best to omit invitations to either one or both people.

Once you know who you’re going to invite, send out invites early! You’re all adults with responsibilities now, so the more advance notice there is, the better.

That way, guests have ample time to request time off work and find a reliable childminder while they’re away.

Try Using a Hen and Stag Party Company

Perhaps you’ve got a general idea in mind of what you want for the stag do. But you don’t have the time to put in the effort to arrange everything from the transportation to the admission fees and food.

In that case, you’ll want to use a hen and stag party company. For instance, we at Hen & Stag Carrick have years of experience creating unique packages that are fun and exciting for the whole group.

All you have to do is pick from a package, or you can even discuss with the company what you wish to achieve. Our team is more than happy to tailor our packages for your complete satisfaction.

By using a professional, you’ll take all the stress out of planning and leave it in the hands of people who know what they’re doing. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Plan an Amazing Stag Party

With so many tips on how to plan a stag party, it should be much easier for you now. So long as you practise good organisational and communication skills, you’ll avoid tonnes of headaches to come.

Of course, using a professional stag party company can be hugely beneficial as well. They can take your desires into consideration and put together convenient packages so all you have to do is show up.

Are you ready to consider the many choices available to you? Then get in touch with us now.