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Fling Before the Ring! How to Throw the Ultimate Hen Party

Every year, more than 20,000 people get married across Ireland and their wedding days are only part of these celebrations. Hen parties or bachelorette parties are a huge part of the wedding tradition.

These nights, weekends, or holidays give the happy a couple an opportunity to really let their hair down ‘one last time’ before the big day. But planning a hen party can often feel like a daunting task.

To really do your friend justice, you need to throw a hen party they’ll remember – for all the right reasons! Not sure what should you keep in mind when planning a hen party? Then you’re in the right place!

Read on to find out some amazing bachelorette party ideas and everything you should keep in mind when planning one.

Look at the Guest List

People make a hen party, so it’s always a good idea to choose the guest list carefully. The bride will often supply a list of people they want but make sure you discuss any additions to her before inviting them.

The length of a guest list will often help you to pick what activities will work best for the hen do. For example, if the bride wants a big hen do with lots of people then it may be easier to rent a venue and hold activities there. You could book a cocktail package or create a game show for your bride.

Smaller parties are ideal for things like cooking master classes. These activities can be a little chaotic with more people.

When looking at activities for your bride, make sure you ask about how many people can do an activity. Some packages require a minimum booking number while others may have a limit. Before you get your heart set on these, make sure you have a clear idea of numbers.

Plan Something for Everyone

Your hen party ideas may change depending on who is going on the hen do. You specifically want to plan something that your bride will enjoy, but make sure you don’t leave people out of the fun.

For example, if you have older relatives attending the hen do, then going kayaking may not be the best activity for them. In that case, try finding something that is more accessible for everyone.

You could look into laying on an alternative activity but this does mean another thing for you to organise and coordinate on the day.

Think About Your Timescale

Bachelorette and stag parties used to just take place on one night out but the industry has grown significantly in recent years. This means a lot of people often go away for their hen dos for a weekend or even longer.

Obviously, if you’re planning to go away for longer then you’ll have more to plan. Some of the best bachelorette party destinations come with their own activities but it’s always a good idea to plan a couple of things per day.

Going away for longer also means that you’ll have to spend more, so it’s important to consider this. If you have a lot of hens attending you can split the cost between more people. However, an average hen party costs around €300 per person so if you’re trying to keep costs low you should probably keep things short and sweet.

Organise in Advance

Hen parties are meant to be fun but often a lot of dress goes into organising them. To ensure that the day is enjoyable, have everything you need in place long before the day.

You should book any activities for the hen do as far in advance as possible. This will ensure you don’t end up having a last-minute rush and panic booking something. Make sure you pay in advance as well to avoid delays on the day.

If you’re going away, then it’s also important to book accommodation sooner rather than later. Leaving this too late could mean it’s very expensive or that you can’t find somewhere with rooms for all the hens.

Once you know your schedule for the day, make sure you have any transport that you’ll need. The last thing you want is to miss an activity because you’re waiting around for taxis.

Having a schedule might sound like the opposite of fun but it can really make the day. As long as you don’t overcrowd the day, a schedule will make sure that there aren’t any lags or moments when people feel bored.

While organising, get some help from bridesmaids or other friends. This can take the pressure off the day and means you get to enjoy it as well.

Try Something New on a Hen Party

Hen parties are all about fun, so try something different!

You could visit exciting bachelorette party destinations or attend a nude life drawing class. Or, if your bride likes the outdoors, why not try clay pigeon shooting? Trying something totally new will be fun for everyone and make the day memorable.

You can combine these exciting activities with things you know your bride will love. You could serve her favourite cocktails or get nostalgic with hen party games like Mr & Mrs!

These are a great crowd pleaser and a lovely way to fill time between an activity and a night out.

Warm Everyone Up

One of the toughest parts of a hen party is often the beginning of it. This is because not everyone will know one another and there’s often a bit of admin to run through.

Help break the ice by offering cocktails or champagne when people arrive at the party. This always helps to get the conversation flowing and will set a fun mood for the day.

You can also start the day by getting everyone into hen party ‘costumes’ together. You might have sashes and learner plates or you might go for something more niche, like smurf costumes! Either way, getting ready altogether can really help people to get to know one another.

Make sure you run through admin with all the party guests in advance so you don’t have to on the day. This includes letting people know where you’ll be going for the party and taking care of any payments. That way you can all enjoy the day free of boring admin-chat.

Get Ready to (Hen) Party!

When it comes to the perfect hen party, it really is all about planning ahead. Once everything is in place you’ll be able to enjoy the day without any worries.

For more help organizing your hen party, check out these amazing packages or get in touch today to book yours.